Halau Spring Cleaning

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Calling all Keoua paddlers and friends! It is time for spring cleanup at the halau. We are hosting all of the one-man paddlers on the island at Uncle Louis’ one-man canoe race on February 26th. The community is invited to join us at the halau on March 7th to begin the 2011 paddling season. We want the halau to look fabulous.

Please join us on Saturday, February 19th, 9 A.M. for a Keoua work party.

Here are some of the jobs to be accomplished:

  1. Replant grass in canoe storage lot. Take 6-8″ stolens from the upper lot by hand pulling from planting areas, rock walls, and tree trunks. Plug into bare areas in Canoe Storage Area.
  2. Hand clear all vegetation from Halau platform with the weeds going into the compost pile mauka of the lot. Care should be given not to disturb the round stones.
  3. Moses in the Cradle plants should be removed from rock walls (carefully not disturbing rocks) and in the rest of the lot and composted in the concrete trough or removed to landfill.
  4. Other weeds removed from rock walls go into compost pile in back of lot.
  5. Air plant colony south of the Halau Platform, placed in plastic bags and removed to landfill.
  6. Grass to be pulled away from walls and sprinklers. Stolens may be replanted in bare spots or composted in pile.
  7. All coconut, milo, and other tree debris to go into compost pile.
  8. Recycle containers to upper lot recycle.
  9. Plastic, wood, metal rubbish into garbage cans.
  10. Clump grass should be pulled and left upside down in-situ.
  11. Loose rocks to be placed on ground in piles next to rock walls.
  12. Dracena to be pruned. Prunings into compost pile.
  13. Low hanging and dead branches of trees (Milo, Monkey Pod, Tamarind) removed and prunings into compost pile.
  14. Tall weeds and vines in makai end of lot (trailer storage area) go into the compost pile.
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