Keōua Annual Meeting

Aloha mai kākou!

With the season of Makahiki upon us, we enter a time of rejuvenation, spiritual cleansing, strengthening of relationships and connections…and feasting! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Eo, Lonoikamakahiki!

Accordingly, we will be holding Keōua’s annual membership meeting & potluck on Sunday, December 12, 2021, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at our halau. At this time, we will install a new Board of Directors for the 2022 year. We will also discuss our plans for the regatta/long-distance racing season, fundraising, and other important matters. After 2 years of COVID restrictions, cancelled regattas/races and inactivity, we look forward to a year of rebuilding and recruiting!

The following is a list of *new and returning candidates for our 2022 Board of Directors:

Rafael Ramirez  Josh Allen  Jeremy Chien

*Mel Kadohiro  Jacque Wikum  Chris Runnells

Jene Green  *Felipe Galieto  *Kris Anderson

Phil Sneyd  Dennis Westcott

If anyone else is interested in serving on our Board, please contact me at your earliest convenience. There’s enough work and responsibility for everyone!

‘A’ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia!  (No task is too big when done together by all!)

Please respect applicable COVID protocols when gathering!

Mahalo,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rafael

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2020 Mac-A-Thon CANCELLED

Aloha, Mac-A-Thon Runners & Supporters!

In view of the uncertainties surrounding the current health crisis on the island and the world, we are cancelling our 39th Annual Mac-A-Thon, which was scheduled for Saturday, April 11th, 2020. 

We value your enthusiastic support over the years and are offering to refund your entry fee. However, we ask that you kindly consider donating your entry fee to Keōua Hōnaunau Canoe Club so we can continue to fulfill our mission: the perpetuation of outrigger canoeing, promotion of Hawaiian culture, environmental awareness and protection of historic Hōnaunau Bay.
We’re offering two options for those who have already registered:
You can make a FULL DONATION in support of the mission of Keōua Hōnaunau Canoe Club and choose to donate your entry fee to the club.
You can request a FULL REFUND if you cannot make a donation at this time.

Please send REFUND requests to    
No need to reply if you’re making a donation.
Mahalo nui loa for your continued support and malama kekahi i kekahi!

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Uncle Louis Kelekolio Race Results

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Louis Kelekolio Memorial Race Photos!

Aloha mai kakou!

Here are some photos of the paddlers at yesterday’s Uncle Louis Kelekolio Memorial Race in Hōnaunau, courtesy of Jeremy Chien. 

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Annual General Membership Meeting

Aloha mai kakou!

Our annual General Membership Meeting and Potluck is scheduled for Sunday, November 24that 1PM. 

As we enter the season of Makahiki, the traditional Hawaiian celebration of the harvest and a time of spiritual and cultural renewal; the Keōua membership prepares for the coming paddling season by selecting a new Board of Directors to manage its affairs and ensure the responsible stewardship of Hōnaunau Bay, while competing in outrigger canoe racing.  


Keōua Hōnaunau Canoe Club seeks to recruit and maintain on its Board of Directors outstanding members whose talents and commitment to the mission and traditions of the Club will enhance the paddling experience for our membership and contribute to our ongoing stewardship of Honaunau Bay and the surrounding areas.

Board Member Responsibilities

Serving on any 501(c)3 Board of Directors entails a number of responsibilities that ensure the efficient operation of the organization and its activities. At Keōua Hōnaunau Canoe Club, the Board is responsible for all financial and legal management, as well as oversight of all Club operations and equipment maintenance.


Board members are expected to:

  • Be exemplary in the payment of all Club dues and race fees – Board members should be the first to pay membership dues and race fees!
  • Be willing to assume major responsibilities for the Club’s operations.
  • Represent the interests of the whole Club, not specific constituencies. The best interests of the Club must always come first.
  • Exemplify the finest qualities of good sportsmanship.
  • Act with integrity, fairness and honesty with all Club members.         
  • Respect and seek guidance from our kupuna.
  • Represent Keoua Honaunau Canoe Club in a positive and supportive manner at all times in the community.


  • Attend board meetings and assist at all special events.
  • Be informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs.
  • Review agenda, minutes and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
  • Serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments.
  • Follow all board policies.
  • Provide leadership in all Club fundraising activities.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity.


We welcome members interested in serving on our board to submit their nomination for consideration. Following is the list of our current directors and candidates for our 2020 Board of Directors:

Nicky Yamauchi, Dennis Westcott

Jacque Wikum, Kawika Spaulding

Heather Scarbrough, Chris Runnells

Rafael Ramirez, Jimmy Medeiros

John Little, Jené Green

Jeremy Chien, Josh Allen

Mahalo nui,

Rafael Ramirez

For more information: or

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Pulses of the Land: Wahi Pana of Ke’ei I & II

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Uncle Louis Kelekolio Race 2019 – Recap and Results

Aloha ā mahalo to all the paddlers and supporters who came together on Saturday, March 3rd  for the Uncle Louis Kelekolio Memorial canoe race! Under clear blue skies and on relatively calm seas, more than 75 canoes raced 6 and 10 miles to Ke‘ei and to Keawekāheka Point then back to Hōnaunau Bay. Co-sponsored by HIPA and Ola Brew, this race marks the beginning of Keōua’s 2019 paddling season and is an opportunity to line up and compete with some of the best paddlers on the island. It also brings us together to work as a team in hosting and welcoming our Moku o Keawe paddling ‘ohana to historic Hōnaunau Bay.

The post-race festivities featured nahenahe music by the Ke‘ei Mauka Boyz, honoring our recently departed Aunty Diana Aki, Marlis Tanoai, and Derek Young. Our amazing kitchen volunteers worked their legendary magic and prepared a delicious pa‘ina with kalua pig & cabbage, rice, stir-fried ‘ulu, pumpkin lu‘au soup, tofu poke, vegetarian chili, green salad, and various desserts. Our locally based Ola Brewery provided us with a keg of their refreshing IPA to wash it all down, followed by individual awards created by our friends at Stoneface Hawai‘i.

More than just an athletic event, a canoe race embodies the spirit of Aloha and Laulima, with the entire ‘ohana, young & old, helping to put it together and participating in every aspect, enlisting the kokua of friends, manning the race registration and timing, obtaining escort boats, gathering & preparing food, setting up and decorating the venue, and anything else necessary to ensure that everyone involved has a great time. We are truly blessed and grateful for all your positive energy and contributions to the perpetuation of our cultural traditions.

Mālama pono,

Keōua Hōnaunau C.C. Board of Directors

Long and short course race results are listed below

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Calvin Kelekolio’s Long Distance Race Results 2018

The 32nd Annual Calvin Kelekolio Long Distance Outrigger Race challenged men, women and mixed crews from all around the Big Island with hot and relatively flat conditions in one of the most beautiful courses in the paddling series. Results are as followed:

Women & Mixed Divisions

8 MILE COURSE – Honaunau – Napo’opo’o – Honaunau

1 Puna Boogie Kalama 1st Unlimited Women 0:59:01
2 Kai O Pua Kealailani 2nd Unlimited Women 0:59:54
3 Hui Wa’a O Waiakea Waiakea 1st Koa Mixed 1:02:53
4 Kawaihae Pelekane 1st Open Women 1:03:06
5 Kai E Hitu Nalani Momi 2nd Open Women 1:03:12
6 Keauhou Hihimanu 3rd Unlimited Women 1:05:10
7 Keoua A’lea’lea 1st Koa Women 1:05:29
8 Keaukaha Komohana 1st Open Mixed 1:05:40
9 Kawaihae Uila 3rd Open Women 1:05:46
10 Puna Kupa’a 1st Masters 40 Women 1:06:04
11 Kai O Pua Hualalai 2nd Koa Women 1:06:20
12 Puna Kahiau 4th Unlimited Women 1:06:41
13 Kai O Pua Kaholo 2nd Open Mixed 1:07:50
14 Kamehameha Kekualani 4th Open Women 1:08:03
15 Kai E Hitu Mafatu Nui 5th Unlimited Women 1:08:51
16 Keoua Kai Pahe’e 1st Junior Mixed 1:09:58
17 Kai O Pua Ale 1st Masters 50 Women 1:10:18
18 Waikoloa Kukinikai 5th Open Women 1:10:30
19 Keoua Pali Kapu O Keoua 2nd Masters 40 Women 1:11:14
20 Na Wa’a Hanakahi Hilo Paleku 3rd Open Mixed 1:12:23
21 Kai O Pua Tesoro 2nd Juniors Mixed 1:12:31
22 Kai O Pua Tesuro 6th Open Women 1:12:31
23 Kamehameha Kawohi 6th Unlimited Women 1:13:07
24 Keoua Kaahumanu 2nd Koa MIxed 1:14:06
25 Keauhou Iolana 4th Open Mixed 1:14:45
26 Puna Kapuwai 3rd Juniors Mixed 1:14:53
27 Waikoloa Keoua Ku’ahu’ula 1st Masters 60 Women 1:15:15
28 Kai O Pua Laulani 2nd Masters 60 Women 1:15:37
29 Kai O Pua Keokea 4th Juniors Mixed 1:15:39
30 Kai O Pua Keokea 3rd Masters 60 Women 1:15:39
31 Waikoloa Kanelike 3rd Masters 40 Women 1:16:32
32 Kai E Hitu Heipualani 3rd Koa Women 1:17:26
33 Waikoloa Koamalu 2nd Masters 50 Women 1:23:16
34 Keoua Lono 1st Junior Women 1:23:28
35 Na Wa’a Hanakahi Ahuku 7th Open Women 1:27:28

Men’s Division

10 MILE COURSE – Honaunau – Napo’opo’o – Keawakaheka Point – Honaunau

Place Club Canoe Name Division Time
1 Keauhou Hihimanu 1st Unlimited Men 1:18:57
2 Puna Kupa’a 1st Open Men 1:19:11
3 Keaukaha Komohana 2nd Open Men 1:20:30
4 Puna Kahiau 2nd Unlimited Men 1:22:06
5 Kai Ehitu Nalani Momi 1st Masters 40 Men 1:23:09
6 Keoua Ale’ale’a 1st Koa Men 1:23:11
7 Puna Boogie 3rd Unlimited Men 1:23:46
8 Kai Opua Ale 3rd Open Men 1:24:31
9 Kawaihae Pelekane 4th Open Men 1:25:44
10 Kai Opua Hualalai 2nd Koa Men 1:26:08
11 Kai Opua Kealailani 4th Unlimited Men 1:26:08
12 Kai Ehitu Papa Kimitete 5th Open Men 1:27:50
13 Kai Ehitu Heipualani 3rd Koa Men 1:28:06
14 Kekualani Kamehameha 6th Open Men 1:29:35
15 Kai Opua Tesoro 7th Open Men 1:30:36
16 Kai Opua Keokea 8th Open Men 1:31:01
17 Keoua Pali Kapu O Keoua 9th Open Men 1:31:01
18 Kai Ehitu Makanani 1st Masters 50 Men 1:32:59
19 Kamehameha Kawohi 5th Unlimited Men 1:33:58
20 Waikoloa Kukinikai 2nd Masters 50 Men 1:36:31
21 Keaukaha Aka Hemmings (yellow) 1st Masters 60 Men 1:37:55
22 Keauhou Iolana 2nd Masters 60 Men 1:38:16
23 Keoua Kai Pahe’e 3rd Masters 50 Men 1:38:34
24 Waikoloa Koamalu 3rd Masters 60 Men 1:39:19
25 Na Wa’a Hanakahi Ahuki’i 10th Open Men 1:39:29
26 Hui Wa’a O Waiakea Waiakea 4th Koa Men 1:43:00
27 Waikoloa Kanelike 4th Masters 60 Men 1:45:28
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31st Annual Calvin Kelekolio Long Distance Race Results

Below are the results from today’s 31st Annual Calvin Kelekolio Long Distance Canoe Race presented by Keoua Honaunau Canoe Club.

The short course was 8 miles from Honaunau into Napo’opo’o and back to Honaunau, and included the women, juniors, and mixed crews. The keiki junior division was a 4 mile race from Honaunau, past Moinui point, and back.

Keiki Course

Place Name                                 Division        Fem    Time    M/P/H

    1 Keoua/Puna Kapuwai                   Junior Mixed          1:07:56  4.416


       Place  Name                                      Time    M/P/H
Juniors 18 Male            

           1  Keoua Kuahuula                           1:11:08  6.747

 Juniors 18 Female            

           1  Keoua Kaholo                             1:28:16  5.438

 Juniors Mix            

           1  Kamehameha Lono                          1:15:19  6.373
           2  Puna Kanaloa                             1:31:38  5.238


       Place  Name                                      Time    M/P/H

 Koa Division Female            

           1  Kai'ehitu Heipualani                     1:15:54  6.324
           2  Kai'opua Kamakahonu                      1:16:44  6.255
           3  Keoua Alealea                            1:17:21  6.205
           4  Keoua Ka'ahumanu                         1:32:22  5.196

 Masters 40 Female            

           1  Kai'opua 'Ale                            1:12:38  6.608
           2  Kamehameha Kekualani                     1:16:12  6.299
           3  Waikoloa Kai Puhe'e                      1:18:22  6.125

 Masters 50 Female            

           1  Kai'opua Tesoro                          1:14:58  6.402
           2  Waikoloa Kanelike                        1:17:58  6.156

 Masters 60 Female            

           1  Kai'opua Kina'ole                        1:19:27  6.041
           2  Kai'opua Laulani                         1:19:46  6.017

 Open Female            

           1  Kai'opua Keokea                          1:07:41  7.091
           2  Kai Ehitu Nalani-Momi                    1:07:59  7.060
           3  Puna Pohoiki                             1:11:58  6.669
           4  Puna Mahealani                           1:19:26  6.042
           5  Kamehameha Kua'ana                       1:20:01  5.998

 Unlimited Female            

           1  Kai'opua Kealailani                      1:06:04  7.265
           2  Puna Boogie                              1:06:15  7.245
           3  Kamehameha Kawohi                        1:07:09  7.148
           4  Puna Kaihau                              1:09:09  6.941
           5  Keauhou Hihimanu                         1:12:48  6.593
           6  Kai Ehitu Mafatanui                      1:16:29  6.275
           7  Kai'opua Lono                            1:17:32  6.190


       Place  Name                                      Time    M/P/H

 Koa Mixed            

           1  Hui Waa Waiakea Waiakea                  1:09:14  6.933

 Open Mixed            

           1  Keoua Pali Kapu O Keoua                  1:08:49  6.975
           2  Kawaihae Waiakailio                      1:09:20  6.923
           3  Keauhou Kai Pu'eone                      1:10:01  6.855
           4  Na Waa Hanakahi Hilo One                 1:11:38  6.700
           5  Waikoloa Anaho'omalu                     1:14:03  6.482
           6  Kawaihae Pelekane                        1:15:25  6.364
           7  Na Waa Hanakahi Onomea                   1:16:17  6.292
           8  Waikoloa Kialoahou Pookela               1:17:42  6.177
           9  Kawaihae Uila                            1:18:12  6.138
          10  Hui Waa Waiakea Kamanu                   1:18:34  6.109
          11  Keaukaha Pae'a                           1:18:49  6.090
          12  Na Waa Hanakahi Ahuki'i                  1:19:07  6.066


       Place  Name                                      Time    M/P/H

 Koa Division Male            

           1  Kai Ehitu Heipualani                     1:26:44  7.609
           2  Keoua Alealea                            1:28:01  7.498
           3  Keoua Ka'ahumanu                         1:34:51  6.958

 Masters 50 Male            

           1  Waikoloa Kanelike                        1:32:37  7.126
           2  Kai'ehitu Kehaulani                      1:33:23  7.067

 Masters 60 Male            

           1  Keoua Pae'a                              1:36:02  6.872
           2  Waikoloa Anaeho'omalu                    1:48:12  6.099
           3  Keauhou Kai Pue'one                      1:50:44  5.960

 Masters 40 Male            

           1  Puna Mahealani                           1:24:09  7.843
           2  Kamehameha Kekualani                     1:31:28  7.215

 Open Male            

           1  Kai'ehitu Nalani Momi                    1:22:14  8.025
           2  Kai Ehitu Makanani                       1:28:44  7.437
           3  Kai Ehitu To'iki A Kai Ehitu             1:30:20  7.306
           4  Kai'opua Tesoro                          1:30:49  7.267
           5  Waikoloa Kialoa Kou Pookela              1:33:44  7.041
           6  Kai'opua 'ale                            1:36:17  6.854
           7  Kamehameha Kuaana                        1:38:26  6.705
           8  Laka Napuanani                           1:39:17  6.647

 Unlimited Male            

           1  Puna Boogie Kalama                       1:16:43  8.603
           2  Puna Kailau                              1:18:07  8.448
           3  Kai'ehitu Mafatu Nui                     1:24:39  7.796
           4  Kai'opua Kealailani                      1:25:14  7.743
           5  Kamehameha Kawohi                        1:27:27  7.547
           6  Kai'opua Lono                            1:30:11  7.318
           7  Keauhou Hihi Manu                        1:41:38  6.493

Then long course was over 11 miles from Honaunau, into Napo’opo’o, and out to the northern side of Kealakekua Bay, then back to Honaunau, and was paddled by men’s crews.

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Celebration in Honaunau: South Kona Cultural Center Rebuilt

West Hawaii Today, August 5, 2017

On July 30, more than 150 people gathered at Honaunau Bay for a traditional Hawaiian blessing of the newly restored Hale o Ho’oponopono. The attendees included many community volunteers who had worked on the building project, community members from the surrounding area and numerous kupuna who had been connected with the hale in the early days of its history.

The rebuilding of this significant South Kona cultural site was sponsored by the Keoua Honaunau Canoe Club and funded with a grant from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA). In addition to perpetuating the ancient art and culture of Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling as traditionally practiced on historic Honaunau Bay, the canoe club seeks to promote awareness of Hawaiian culture and its preservation and perpetuation.Their youth program seeks especially to assure that the cultural knowledge is passed on to those who will preserve it for the future.

The Hale o Ho’oponopono, which translates to “house of making things right, bringing things into balance, healing” was constructed in the mid-1970s as part of the creation of a school of the same name.

The school had been established to fill the need of many Hawaiian children who had a difficult time relating to the education process as presented by the local public schools.

The students went fishing and opihi, or Hawaiian limpet, picking and were taught canoe maintenance, paddling and stewardship principles, along with a Hawaiian language curriculum.

The school’s traditional hale halawai, built by school staff and students, served as the center for many of these activities, which had a significant positive impact on the lives of many young Hawaiians coming of age in the 1970s.

 The building project has been a long time coming, noted Rafael Ramirez, a member of Keoua Honaunau Canoe Club for 42 years and its current president and head coach. The school at Honaunau Bay closed in 1995 and the hale gradually fell into disrepair. The concept of rebuilding the hale had been discussed at the canoe club for more than 20 years, and when a grant application written by a club member was approved by ANA in 2015, the long-awaited project could finally begin.

The process of rebuilding the hale was accomplished over a two-year period with a small core team of experienced and new hale builder haumana — interns — assisted by a cadre of community volunteers who participated in the seven hale building workshops that took place over the course of the project.

The hale building process was led by one of the most experienced practitioners in the state, master hale builder Walter Wong. Uncle Waltah, as he is known, orchestrated the project from start to finish, which was built according to Hawaii County’s building code for traditional and indigenous structures.

Puna Kihoi, who officiated the hale blessing, was a teacher at Hale o Hooponopono in the 1980s. One of the hale builder haumana, Randal Kahele, was one of her students at the school and their reunion at the blessing ceremony was an emotional reconnection for both.

The hale will be used for educational and ceremonial purposes and will serve to strengthen the cultural landscape of Honaunau Bay ­— a visible, enduring reminder of the significant and sacred nature of this place.

Info: email

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