Keoua 2013 Board Officers

The new Keoua Board of Directors met on January 12 and elected the board officers for 2013:

President: Rafael Ramirez

Vice President: John Olson

Treasurer: Kawika Spaulding

Secretary: Stephanie Amick

Head Coach: BJ Galieto

The board also selected the following people for coaching and committee positions:

Coach: Kurtis Yamauchi

MOKU Rep: Justin Udovch

Webmaster: Chris Runnells

Canoe and Grounds Maintenance: Kurtis Yamauchi

OC-1 Racks Manager: Dave Kermott

Membership: Stephanie Amick and Gretchen Currie

Juniors Transportation Coordinator: Lei Kaleohano

Race Secretary: Stephanie Amick and Gretchen Currie



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